Mining used to require technical knowledge. There are now options, with nice graphic interfaces, that require little configuration. You might mine less coins than you will with advanced methods, but for the beginner these are a great way to get started.

This site has applications for multiple platforms, including Android. You can mine several different currencies. There is a smart mining option that chooses the one with the highest US Dollar return.

Their software changes scripts to mine then converts automatically to Bitcoin. All you need is a bitcoin address. Check out my Buy section, or Invest section for ways to get an address.


This is a cloud mining site. Cloud mining is where you pay a provider to mine for you. After a year I have broken even, because I bought a Dashcoin contract and the price went up a lot. My Bitcoin contract pays me 5 to 10 cents a day after paying them 13.

This is a great site for research. The Mining, and Equipment pages help with hardware comparisons, and you can see the rate of return on hardware and Cloud Mining

This forum provides a lot of information on Mining, News, and Development

This site compares mining profitablilty of multiple coins to Ethereum.