A quick way to get a Bitcoin, or Altcoin address is to setup an investment account. There are mulitple sites that allow you to invest in the highly volitile world of Crypto-currencies.


This is the best exchange I have used. They seem carefull what coins they list. They allow Stop-Limit orders, so you can keep from loosing your profits. They have a margin account, and they have Lending. With lending you can put up your coins for others to borrow for Margin Trading. Borrowers have to put up collateral, so the main risk is that the value will drop while your coins are tied up in loans. Margin Trading is an easy way to make, or lose, larger amounts than you own. When you fund you Margin account, you can borrow 2X that amount to trade. I recommend you read all of the Support Resources before you invest. There is a Trollbox chat. Do not invest because of what anyone says there. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.


This site has the current rankings of over 700 Currencies. You can choose a currency and find what exchanges it trades on, and find the developers website. This site is a good reference. You should do your Due Diligence on any coin you want to invest in.